Miniature woodworking

Here is an amazing slide show of Bill Robertson’s miniature woodworking.

miniature toolbox

Here is a stairway from a miniature house featured in the slide show.


7 thoughts on “Miniature woodworking

  1. Although I am not into miniature woodwork I enjoyed the presentation. It gave me new energy and inspiration to continue my exploration of mathematics. I think Bill Robertson could be an example and inspiration for everyone.

  2. Robertson’s work is unreal. I’m sixty six, just moved from a larger house where i had a complete wood shop. I have a much smaller space now and after seeing his work i’d like to try miniature work. How do i get started>…..Arg

  3. I”ve become very interested in constructing miniature furniture. I have been totally unable to find technical help or “how to do” information. The type work shown in the slideshow is far beyond what I could ever hope to accomplish, but I would like to learn what I can to achieve my level of capability. Any suggestions as to where I might find instruction in miniature woodworking proceedures?

  4. I am one of the fortunate people who is a friend fo Bill Robertson and I can tell you besides being one of the most talented, gifted and accomplished artists in the world he is a humble gentleman who is not the least bit arrogant about his unique SELF taught creations of world class distinction.
    What a pleasure it is to be his friend!!

  5. Bill Robertson grew up on the same street as myself in Maryland. Though he was just a little older than me, he became more of a friend to my father, a retired firefighter, who had developed an interest in building to-scale firefighting apparatus. My dad was good. Some of his work was displayed at the Smithsonean and the National Geographic Society. Bill, however, had already established himself as a master, and was somewhat of a mentor to my father. One can see through these photographs how incredibly talented Bill is, but to see the pieces in person will blow you away. Having seen very good skill at the hands of my father, I can honestly tell you that Bill’s work is other-worldly. Take some time to see it in person.

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