5 thoughts on “The IOT test

  1. We have a similar sounding but little used method* called “The Squinty Eye Test” (1) I might have to check out that book and see if it’s related.

    * very very little used. ;-)

  2. We have (quite seriously) adopted the K-test in our lab. A finding is significant only when the wife of a colleague can see the effect. Her name starts with a …. K

  3. This in economics is the HT (hunting test). Where one
    application misses by 1m to the right and the next by 1m to
    the left, we declare having hit our target.
    Seriously, this is not be as bad as it sounds
    as we have a weighting system (the DW) for the distance
    from the target. DW stands for ‘dismal weight’ which is
    where the discipline gets its reputation as the dismal science.

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