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Notes from using Emacs on Windows so far


How much do musicians make online?

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2 comments on “Weekend miscellany
  1. Beetle B. says:

    What’s wrong with using Alt as Meta? I use both the left and right Alts…

    BTW, global visual line mode only wraps text on the screen. The actual file still has it all on one straight line…

    You probably should try AUCTeX. It has a key sequence that will automatically render any formula you wish (or all in the document) into an image and place it in the buffer where the formula was. This way, you get quick feedback about the equation you just wrote. To get it to work, though, you must ensure that your Emacs on Windows can display images (another package to install…).

    It only shows it in the buffer. It’s still just plain TeX code when you save the file. There are other benefits to AUCTeX. I don’t remember the details. I actually do most of my editing in Org mode, and have it export to LaTeX and I tweak that. But if you want to do fancy LaTeX, AUCTeX is probably the way to go.

    If you want Enter to properly indent a line while editing source code, you can remap Enter to C-j.

    Regarding regular expressions, what’s lookaround? BTW, I believe just typing a single space in a regular expression in Emacs acts like s* or s+. I don’t think you’ll need to write s-. You may want to experiment…

    And again, I’d suggest using ido-mode for handling buffer and file switching.

  2. John says:

    Beetle: Thanks for the Emacs tips. Here’s an explanation of look-around in regular expressions. Also, many of my latest tips on RegexTip have been about look-around.