Weekend miscellany


You can always choose “none of the above”


The McGurk effect

Grammar, logic, and rhetoric

Grammar cheat sheet
Taxonomy of logical fallacies
Confessions of an academic ghostwriter

Theoretical computer science

What computer science papers should everyone read?
Graduate school in computer science

Applied computing

What your computer does while you wait
Curly brace expansion in bash
Python in high performance computing


Earliest known uses of some of the words in mathematics
Latest blog carnival from Math teachers at play
Many definitions of complexity


Derivative-based MCMC
Statistics begins here: Just stop this crap right now


You probably misunderstand XML
Deprecating XML

History and mythology

Mythologies behind Harry Potter

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  1. T.W.: When in doubt, hyphenate. I don’t recall ever thinking “That sentence would have been easier to read if it had fewer hyphens.” But I’ve often thought the opposite.

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