Weekend miscellany


Geometrical and topological analogues of Rubik’s Cube
Chessboards and colorings
Three remarkable geometry theorems


Recordings of all extant poems in Old English


Why December 25 is Christmas
Vocation versus Churchianity


More is different


Twitter accounts to help with New Year’s resolutions
Photosynth and other software from Microsoft Research
The recovering programmer
The 1969 diagram that became the Internet

One thought on “Weekend miscellany

  1. On the Recovering Programmer blog, he has a recent entry:

    Write Code Like You Just Learned How to Program

    That entry recently helped save me from going off and wasting a few hours in a few situations at work and on some hobby projects: sometimes you can hard code something and then fix it later when it’s a problem, instead of implementing everything perfect ‘the right way’ to prevent problems, especially when you’ll have to implement it from scratch again anyway, if the idea even works!


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