3 thoughts on “Weekend miscellany

  1. Thanks for the productivity post. I think the addition of a quality variable should also be considered. This is an issue I know that Wal-mart Distribution Center is aware of. There were loads of quality and productivity data available when I worked there in undergraduate school. They tried to control this quality issue and still have large production, but I bet there is some correlation. There are other variables that a company should also consider before trying to maximize productivity.

  2. It’s a credit to the authors of the productivity post that they took the time to revisit the question controlling for industry and with a less biased data set. (Also a credit to the authors that they’re making their data set and code available.)

    They still find a small effect, and admit that their data set is still slightly biased. I honestly wonder if there’s any true effect.

    Not that I don’t sympathize with the complaint about large organizations. But I guess it looks like efficiencies of scale are balancing out inefficiencies of bureaucracy.

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