Weekend miscellany


Two sites for identifying fonts in images
The Olivetti typewriter

Software development

Living in the zone
The Lisp Curse
Introduction to computer science with Minesweeper
Preserving (the memory of) documents

Math and statistics

Eigenfeet, eigenfaces, eigenlinguistics
ATLAS: Automatically tuned linear algebra software
Data hand tools

Blog carnivals

Carnival of Math
Math Teachers at Play
Mathematics and Multimedia


Harry Truman’s 1953 Chrysler
Gravity map of earth
Soldering made easy

3 thoughts on “Weekend miscellany

  1. I know What The Font, but not What Font Is; thanks — bookmarked 🙂

    For stuff related to The Zone, I recommend the references linked from the section Professions and work of Wikipedia’s article on this phenomenon, which goes by several names (the article’s titled “Flow”).

  2. I like the font website. Both of them fail for fonts rendered at 20 points, but at 50 points I could get things recognized. WhatTheFont is nice in that it fills the letters in for you. For Verdana I got correct match from WhatFontIs but not from WhatTheFont

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