Weekend miscellany


Was Easter originally a pagan holiday?
Holy Week timeline

Mark Tarver essays

Hackers and fighters
Why I am not a professor


Douglas Adams’ cookie story
How to fix any computer


The Euler Archive
Leonardo da Vinci’s Mathematical Slip-Up
Zome geometry and silver ratio

Government spending

National debt exceeds money supply
Per capita federal spending over the years


Failure lets you move on, mediocrity doesn’t
The management myth

7 thoughts on “Weekend miscellany

  1. The “Hackers and fighters” essay brings three thoughts to mind:

    1- I was very lucky to be a “street programmer” well before entering EECS, for the reasons that Tarver mentions, aggravated by the fact that most of my professors in college had little interest in programming or research (in the european periphery in the early 80s, and being civil servants…).

    2- The street fighter analogy is much better than the painter analogy, and I say this as someone who actually bought Paul Graham’s book after reading his online columns (which are the book).

    3- His description of the CS faculty issues is multiplied 1000-fold in technical business material (say analytics or strategic analysis), with the aggravating factor that many top B-schools now seem to want to become schools of regulation and government.

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