Sweave: First steps toward reproducible analyses

The following presentation by Kevin Coombes gives an introduction to the problem of irreproducible analyses and suggests Sweave as the first step in solution to the problem. The presentation gives an introduction to Sweave, and was itself developed as an Sweave document.

Final PDF file of the presentation: talkb.pdf
Sweave source: talk.Rnw

To reproduce this presentation,

  1. run Sweave("talk.Rnw") inside R to produce talk.tex,
  2. run pdflatex talk.tex to produce talk.pdf, and
  3. run ppower4 talk.pdf talkb.pdf to produce the final presentation.

Normally only the first two steps are necessary. However this presentation uses ppower4 for additional visual effects. Without running ppower4, pdflatex will produce a PDF file with white text on a white background.

For more detailed information on processing Sweave documents, see Troubleshooting Sweave.