Last night was “Oktoberfest” night at the HLF. Part of the entertainment for the evening was traditional Bavarian dancing. Marlene Knoche, one of the German bloggers for the HLF, drew a couple of the dancers in the sketch below.

Bavarian dancers

I had a chance to try a local beer, Heidelberg Hefe Weizen. I thought “hefeweizen” was one word, but the label breaks it into two words. This seems ironic given the German proclivity for creating compound words.

When Fred Brooks wrote The Design of Design three years ago I interviewed him via email. Last night I had a chance to talk with him in person. He is warm and friendly, and also very sharp.

3 thoughts on “Oktoberfest

  1. As far as Weizenbier go, Heidelberger is one of my favourite, but do try the Franziskaner (especially the Dunkel), it is even better :)

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