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Journal articles and technical reports
Recent presentations
What I believe
Math and statistics articles by category, including blog posts


Some software I've written or written about
Stand-alone numerical code
Python code to make an XML sitemap
Unicode resources
Getting started with Emacs on Windows
Greek letters in HTML, XML, TeX, and Unicode
Accented letters in HTML, TeX, and Microsoft Word
LaTeX on Windows
Random number generation with C++ TR1
Testing random number generation with C++ TR1
Unraveling strings in Visual C++
IEEE arithmetic exceptions in C++
Math.h in POSIX, ISO, and Microsoft Visual C++
Python counterparts for math.h functions
Computing standard deviation
R for programmers
Moving data between R, Excel, and the clipboard
Error function in C++, Python, C#
Normal distribution in C++, Python, C#
Normal distribution inverse in C++, Python, C#
Phi inverse in C++, Python, C#
log(1 + x) in C++, Python, C#
Random number generation in Python
Cauchy random samples in Python
Student-t random samples in Python
Distance from longitude and latitude


PowerShell introduction
PowerShell Day 1 booklet
PowerShell gotchas
PowerShell Cookbook
Regular expressions in PowerShell and Perl

Regular expressions

Regular expressions in PowerShell and Perl
Regular expressions in Python and Perl
Regular expressions in C++ TR1
Regular expressions in R
Regular expressions in Mathematica
Daily Regular Expression Tips


Clickable chart of distribution relationships
Conjugate prior relationships
Central limit theorems
Determining parameters from quantiles
Reproducible analysis
Sweave: First steps toward reproducible analyses
Troubleshooting Sweave
Kevin Coombes Sweave talk
R for Programmers coming from other languages
Canonical example of Bayes' theorem in detail
Inverse gamma distribution
Negative binomial distribution
Estimating Cauchy distribution location parameter
Satellite plots
Normal approximation beta, binomial, gamma, Poisson, and Student-t distributions
Poisson approximation to binomial
Wilson-Hilferty approximation for the Poisson CDF
Camp-Paulson approximation for the binomial CDF
Relative error in normal approximations
Delta method
Bias, consistency, and efficiency
Adult heights and mixture distributions
Working with distributions in Mathematica, R/S-PLUS, Python, and Excel


Very applied math
Modes of convergence
Binomial coefficient generalizations
Computing binomial coefficients
Navier-Stokes equations
Selecting with replacement (Stanley's symbol)
Stanley's twelvefold way (cominatorics notes)
Computing the inverse of the normal CDF
Upper and lower bounds for normal probabilities
Multi-index notation
Computing distances from latitude and longitude
Relating two definitions of expectation
Step size for numerical differential equations
Identities for the error function (erf) and the normal density (Φ)
Linear interpolator details
Quadratic interpolator details
Functions of regular variation
Asymptotic notation
Chebyshev polynomials
Orthogonal polynomials and Gaussian Quadrature
Notes on Hypergeometric functions
Gamma function identities
Math symbols in HTML, XML, TeX, and Unicode
Separation of convex sets in linear topological spaces
Double exponential integration
Quadratic congruences
Spherical trigonometry