Technology history quiz answers

These are the answers to the quiz given here on my blog.

  1. (e) The first computer mouse was built by Dough Engelbart in 1968.
  2. (a) The basic principles of radio frequency identification were published by Harry Stockman in 1948.
  3. (d) Pull-top cans were invented by Ermal Fraze in 1963.
  4. (b) Joe Woodland and Bernard Silver patented bar codes in 1952.
  5. (d) AT&T introduced touch tone dialing in 1963.
  6. (g) The first cell phone call was made in 1973.
  7. (c) John Hetrick received a patent for airbags in 1953.
  8. (f) The first ATM machine was deployed in 1969.
  9. (h) The first MRI on a live human was in 1977.
  10. (a) Latex paint first arrived in stores in 1948.

These dates are inconsistent. Sometimes the date is the date of a patent, sometimes the date of a prototype, etc. For more details, see Big Ideas: 100 Modern Inventions That Have Transformed Our World.