Twitter accounts


I have one personal Twitter account.

JohnDCook icon @JohnDCook   


I also have 15 tip accounts. These accounts post once per day, Monday through Friday, and have occasional unscheduled posts.

ProbFact icon @ProbFact Probability
CompSciFact icon @CompSciFact Computer science
AnalysisFact icon @AnalysisFact Real and complex analysis, misc. applied math
AlgebraFact icon @AlgebraFact Algebra, number theory, and misc. pure math
UnitFact icon @UnitFact Units of measure and related topics
NetworkFact icon @NetworkFact Networks and graphs
UnixToolTip icon @UnixToolTip Unix command line utilities
MedVocab icon @MedVocab Medical vocabulary
SciPyTip icon @SciPyTip SciPy, scientific computing in Python
RegexTip icon @RegexTip Regular expression tips
TeXtip icon @TeXtip TeX and LaTeX tips, typography
TopologyFact icon @TopologyFact Topology and geometry
h bar, Planck constant over two pi @ScienceTip Miscellaneous science
diff_eq icon @diff_eq Differential equations
StatFact icon @StatFact Statistics, Bayesian and frequentist