PowerShell Day 1

The booklet PowerShell Day 1 lists some things that I wish someone had told me the first day I started using PowerShell. It is not a tutorial on PowerShell per se. There are many excellent tutorials out there, and these can be found via the links in the booklet. Instead, what this book covers is some of the environmental issues surrounding PowerShell that are harder to discover.

For example, here are some of the questions the booklet answers.

I intend to revise this booklet as I get feedback. Please send me your corrections and suggestions. I will announce updates on my blog.

Download PowerShell Day 1

First released 9 April 2009, last updated 1 September 2009.

Update (1 February 2010): I have started working on an update of this booklet for PowerShell version 2.0. The changes in version 2.0 do not seem to greatly impact your first day using PowerShell and so the changes here have been minimal. However, I have not had a lot of experience using version 2.0 and would greatly appreciate feedback from who have more experience than I do.