John D. Cook, Ph.D.

One way to describe what I do is very applied math, using math to solve real-world problems, often in combination with computing, consulting, managing, marketing, etc.

Here are some of the hats I've worn.

Consultant: My primary occupation is consulting. I have consulted for clients in diverse sectors including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, law, and government. Please contact me if you are interested in my services as a consultant.

Teacher: I taught mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin and Vanderbilt University. I also taught statistics at the UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Statistician: I've published papers that have come out of solving problems in the design and conduct of clinical trials, and I've developed software to make innovative statistical methodologies practical.

Software developer: I have developed software for mobile devices, desktops, and web servers. I've developed business applications and scientific applications. I've worked on projects ranging from Windows interfaces down to microcode.

Manager: I managed software development for the Department of Biostatistics at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center for several years, growing the development team from 3 to around 20 developers. I also served on the board of trustees of a private school for several years.

Writer: I enjoy writing English prose as well as software. Here are some things I've written:

Please contact me if you would like my detailed CV.


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