PowerShell posts classified

Here’s a summary of the blog posts I’ve written so far regarding PowerShell, grouped by topic.

Three posts announced CodeProject articles related to PowerShell:  automated software builds, text reviews for software, and monitoring legacy code.

Three posts on customizing the command prompt: I, II, III.

Two posts on XML sitemaps: making a sitemap and filtering a sitemap.

Two Unix-related posts: cross-platform PowerShell and comparing PowerShell and bash.

The rest of the PowerShell posts I’ve written so far fall under miscellaneous.

readable paths
uninitialized variables
ASP.NET in PowerShell
clipboard and command line
launching PowerShell faster
rounding and integer division
one program to rule them all
redirection and Unicode vs ASCII

Much to my surprise, the post on integer division in PowerShell has been one of the most popular.

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