Collaborators and Advisers


John D. CookJohn Cook. Applied mathematics and statistics, PhD, University of Texas. More here.
Mark DurstMark Durst. Applied mathematics and statistics, PhD, MIT. Modeling dynamical systems in engineering and medicine.
Luke HutchisonLuke Hutchison. Computer science and computational biology, PhD, MIT. Deep learning and parallel computing.
Dominic SteinitzDominic Steinitz. Computer science, PhD Kingston University. Functional programming, stochastic differential equations, (Hamiltonian) MCMC, STAN.
Aaron BenzelAaron Benzel. Photogrammetry, software development, image processing and analysis, robotics.
Brian ToomeyBrian Toomey. Psychology and neuroscience. Information architecture, digital strategy.
Terran MelconianTerran Melconian. MA in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. Data science, image search, data warehousing.


Trusted consultants to some of the world’s leading companies

Amazon, Facebook, Google, US Army Corp of Engineers, Amgen, Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems