Katherine Ahern “We really appreciate the expert determination John provided us. It was so thorough, clear, high quality, and delivered so quickly.” — Katherine Ahern, Analytics and Compliance, Penumbra Inc.
Michael Novinski “One of the most valuable aspects of working with John’s team is the time they took to truly understand the problem we were trying to tackle. Their willingness and availability to communicate with us allowed us to interpret our data at a much different level in problem solving. Without this help and understanding, achieving our goals would have been a real struggle.” — Michael V. Novinski, CEO Androvia Life Sciences LLC
Brian Petersen “I recommend John for any role related to data, particularly regarding de-identification and a company’s HIPAA obligations. He was an incredible asset to our team.” — Brian Petersen, Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Podimetrics Inc.
Brian Beckman “John helped us solve a vexing and festering problem. Reducing it to mathematics and then to code required educated guesses, creative assumptions, intuition, deep knowledge of digital signal processing, and shots in the dark. This is where John excels: just the right mix of practical urgency with mathematical rigor. It’s difficult to overemphasize the difficulty of this problem and the acumen required to solve it completely and on a schedule. Just fantastic!” — Brian Beckman, PhD
Marc Adams “John helped us with a wealth of statistical programming knowledge, plus a great understanding of what constitutes good statistical practices. This helped our company’s project with NIH.” — Marc Abrams, CTO, Harmonia
Luis Pericchi “John is always a pleasure to work with. He can solve your mathematical problems, your computing problems, and is always eager to help with particularly challenging research projects.” — Luis Pericchi, PhD, University of Puerto Rico

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