Brian Toomey“John’s consulting was exactly what we needed. Brilliant, amiable, a clear communicator, and easy to work with, he gave us the intelligence we needed to grow a client by 40% in a competitive global market. He saved us hundred of hours of work by knowing exactly how to approach our analysis out of dozens of possible models. I can’t recommend him more highly.” — Brian Toomey, CEO, JB Analytics
Marc Adams“John helped us with a wealth of statistical programming knowledge, plus a great understanding of what constitutes good statistical practices. This helped our company’s project with NIH.” — Marc Abrams, CTO, Harmonia
Luis Pericchi“John is always a pleasure to work with. He can solve your mathematical problems, your computing problems, and is always eager to help with particularly challenging research projects.” — Luis Pericchi, University of Puerto Rico
Kyle Wild“I was ecstatic to have John speak at the very first KeenCon, and his talk was elegant, geeky, and very informative. We learned a lot from it!” — Kyle Wild, Keen IO
A. Lester Buck III“I met John a few years ago when I had been struggling for months with a problem in probability and statistics. John solved it overnight!” — A. Lester Buck III, Compact Data

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