Twitter accounts

I have one personal Twitter account, @JohnDCook, and numerous technical accounts. These accounts post once per day, Monday through Friday, and have occasional unscheduled posts. You can also find me on Mathstodon.

Here are my technical Twitter accounts by topic. You can find them all on this Twitter list.

Math and statistics

ProbFact icon @ProbFact Probability
DataSciFact icon @DataSciFact Data science, statistics, ML, etc.
AnalysisFact icon @AnalysisFact Real and complex analysis
AlgebraFact icon @AlgebraFact Algebra, number theory, etc.
NetworkFact icon @NetworkFact Networks and graphs
LogicPractice icon @LogicPractice Logic and applications
TopologyFact icon @TopologyFact Topology and geometry
diff_eq icon @diff_eq Differential equations
dsp_fact icon @dsp_fact Digital signal processing etc.


CompSciFact icon @CompSciFact Computer science
Cryptography Tip icon @CryptographyTip Cryptography and related
FunctorFact icon @FunctorFact Category theory and FP
SciPyTip icon @SciPyTip Scientific computing in Python
UnixToolTip icon @UnixToolTip Unix command line utilities
RegexTip icon @RegexTip Regular expressions in general
TeXtip icon @TeXtip TeX and LaTeX tips, typography

Science and medicine

h bar, Planck constant over two pi @ScienceTip Miscellaneous science and medicine