Twitter accounts

I have one personal Twitter account, @JohnDCook.

I also have 18 technical accounts. These accounts post once per day, Monday through Friday, and have occasional unscheduled posts.

Math and statistics

ProbFact icon@ProbFactProbability
DataSciFact icon@DataSciFactData science, statistics, machine learning, etc.
AnalysisFact icon@AnalysisFactReal and complex analysis, misc. applied math
AlgebraFact icon@AlgebraFactAlgebra, number theory, and misc. pure math
NetworkFact icon@NetworkFactNetworks and graphs
LogicPractice icon@LogicPracticeLogic and applications
TopologyFact icon@TopologyFactTopology and geometry
diff_eq icon@diff_eqDifferential equations
dsp_fact icon@dsp_factDigital signal processing, acoustics, Fourier analysis, etc.


CompSciFact icon@CompSciFactComputer science
FunctorFact icon@FunctorFactFunctional programming and category theory
SciPyTip icon@SciPyTipSciPy, scientific computing in Python
UnixToolTip icon@UnixToolTipUnix command line utilities
RegexTip icon@RegexTipRegular expressions in general
TeXtip icon@TeXtipTeX and LaTeX tips, typography

Science and medicine

h bar, Planck constant over two pi@ScienceTipMiscellaneous science
UnitFact icon@UnitFactUnits of measure and related topics
MedVocab icon@MedVocabMedical vocabulary


If you would rather subscribe to one of these accounts using RSS rather than through Twitter, you can find their corresponding RSS feeds here.