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Companies come to us for help with probability, data analysis, mathematical modeling, number crunching, … anything that falls under applied math, statistics, and computing.

Clients have included large companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Amgen, as well as a number of law firms, start-ups, and smaller businesses.

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Data Analysis

Bayesian Analysis
Get better insights by using ALL your information. Bayesian analysis lets you combine expert opinion and intuition with hard data to produce results that are easier to understand and act on.

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Medical devices
New technology, such as small and inexpensive sensors, is making new medical devices possible. Expert mathematical modeling helps draw sound conclusions from these devices.

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Software Development

Statistical Computing
The best statistical model doesn't do anybody any good unless it can be implemented in a timely manner within the limitations of the resources at hand. Get help from someone with experience.

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Numerical analysis
Creating high quality numerical software requires more mathematical skill than most software developers have, and more software development skills than most scientists and engineers have.

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Speaking and Expert Testimony

Expert Legal Testimony
Most people don't understand probability, and yet judges and juries routinely have to reason about probability, at least at an intuitive level. Get help from an expert in statistics who is also skilled in conveying probability and statistics to a general audience.

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John has spoken at conferences and taught courses around the world. He can explain topics in software development, mathematics, statistics to general audiences, such a explaining statistics to software developers or explaining probability to lawyers.

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