Data Analysis and Data Privacy

Companies come to us for solutions to problems in applied math and data privacy. The need for these skills cuts across industries, and we have especially helped clients working in software, biotech, and law.

Clients have included large companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Amgen, as well as a number of law firms, start-ups, and smaller businesses.

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Data Science

Bayesian Statistics
Get better insights by using ALL your information. Bayesian analysis lets you combine expert opinion and intuition with hard data to produce results that are easier to understand and act on.

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Signal processing
When data comes streaming at you, it can be challenging to separate the signal from the noise. We help you understand your data, filter out the noise, and forecast future trends.

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Legal and Regulatory

Expert Legal Testimony
Judges and juries have to make decisions based on probability, even if they have little math background. Get help from an expert in statistics who is also skilled in conveying probability and statistics to a general audience.

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Privacy and HIPAA compliance
We help you meet your business objectives while honoring individual privacy. We provide expert determination of deidentification and guidance with privacy technology such as differential privacy.

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Medical applications

Medical devices
New technology, such as small and inexpensive sensors, is making new medical devices possible. Expert mathematical modeling helps draw sound conclusions from these devices.

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The statistical needs of biomedical research are unique due to the nature of the data and the ethical constraints on how one can carry out research. Get expert help with new applications.

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