Daily tip accounts broader than names imply

Some of my daily tip Twitter accounts are a little broader than their names imply. Account names need to be fairly short, so they can’t be too descriptive. Here are fuller descriptions of some of the accounts.

  • TeXtip is primarily about typesetting in TeX and LaTeX, but it also posts content about typography in general.
  • AlgebraFact is indeed for algebra facts, but it also includes number theory. And it’s where I post general math links that don’t fit into a more specific category.
  • TopologyFact is for topology and  geometry, including some things only tangentially related to geometry. (Pun intended.)
  • SciPyTip is the newest account. It posts tips on using the SciPy library, but it also includes tips on other software for scientific computing in Python. And it posts some content on numerical computing in general.
  • SansMouse was initially only for Windows keyboard shortcuts, but I’ve started adding Ubuntu shortcuts as well.
CompSciFact icon StatFact icon AlgebraFact icon SansMouse icon RegexTip icon TeXtip icon ProbFact icon TopologyFact icon AnalysisFact icon SciPyTip icon

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