New Twitter account: RLangTip

I’m starting a new daily tip Twitter account: RLangTip. This account will have one regularly scheduled tip per day, Monday through Friday, on the R language and related topics. I’ll also throw in a few unscheduled tweets now and then.

If you’re interested in R, you may also be interested in other daily tip accounts such as ProbFact, StatFact, and CompSciFact.

3 thoughts on “New Twitter account: RLangTip

  1. Alejandro Weinstein

    Any plans on a daily Emacs twitter account? Also, it would be great if you have any experiences related to using Emacs as a Python IDE that you may share.

  2. Vince Buffalo just started an Emacs twitter account @EmacsTip. See also @LearnEmacs and @Emacs.

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