Data mining and privacy

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Data is the new oil

Business leaders are saying “Data is the new oil.” Like crude oil, data was first seen as something useless or at best marginally useful. It became more valuable once people had better ideas for what to do with it. Data, like oil, is can be challenging to mine, but well worth the effort.

Privacy protection

Much of the data boom involves personal data. This data must be handled in a manner that respects the privacy of the individuals represented. Fortunately it is possible to maintain both the business value of the data and the privacy of individuals. We can show you how to do that.

Regulatory requirements

The necessary level of privacy protection depends on many factors, including ethical considerations as well as legal requirements. Privacy laws could be national, such as HIPAA, international, such as GDPR, or local, such as California state privacy laws.

The level of protection ethically and legally required depends very much on context, such as the set of security and privacy policies in place, the consequences of data disclosure, and how the data is intended to be used or could be used.

Privacy-preserving technology

There is a wide variety of privacy-preserving technologies to chose from, depending on your business needs and privacy requirements. For example, you consider syntactic methods such as k-anonymity and t-closeness, or semantic methods such as differential privacy. We can guide you through your choice of privacy technologies, explaining the costs and benefits of each, to help you select the appropriate tools for your circumstances.

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