Independent reviewer statistician

Once a statistical analysis is finished, maybe it can be filed away and forgotten. But often it needs to be interpreted, evaluated, or reproduced.

Sometimes an analysis created for once audience needs to be interpreted for another audience. For example, the sales department for a medical device manufacturer may need to understand in laymen’s terms what scientific papers are saying about their device.

In court cases, attorneys on both sides want to evaluate the analysis—and surface the implicit assumptions behind the analysis—conducted by the other side.

Maybe the only person who understands a statistical analysis is the person who wrote it. This is not an ideal situation, but it’s worse when this person is no longer available.

Sometimes an independent statistical review is required by law. For example EPA regulations (40 CRF Part 799) say

Statistical analysis of the study findings should include sufficient information on the method of analysis, so that an independent reviewer/statistician can reevaluate and reconstruct the analysis.

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