Odd wine bottle

Unusual wine bottle on display at Café Amore, Cypress (Houston) Texas.

Three liter hand-crafted crystal bottle of 1999 Super Toscani IGT wine, about three feet tall. Here’s a close-up of the label.

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30 thoughts on “Odd wine bottle

  1. Very cool shape.

    Homework for tonight: describe an equation approximating the shape of the bottle.

    Extra credit: translate to spherical polar coordinates.

    Friday quiz: drink the whole bottle.

  2. Looks like a ‘yard of wine’ instead of ale.

    Would be fun for a Cartesian diver if you can see through the glass.

    Geeze if it’s clear at all I have to get one for an impossible object.

    I only went there just after it opened, before he changed anything except the special.

  3. Woah! That’s a tall wine bottle.

    I need to get a pic, but my Mom has a huge bottle that spirals upward…Not sure of the origin or type, but it has to be about a gallon of vino.
    I will get a pic ASAP and post it to here.

  4. Hi can anyone tell me how/where could I find this wine, I bought an empty bottle a few years ago at a public market and haven’t been able to find a replacement.

  5. Hey I have the sane wine bittle from 1995 has not been opened and has a sticker on it “$25,000 grand prize validation” unfortunately my puppy chewed up the wicker basket it was in and the sticker. I think it’s still pretty cool though very unique and sure gets everyone’s attention.

  6. I have a green one like this, empty, says Vintage 1978 Bardi Chianti, still has all labels intact as well as the wicker basket – very cool!

  7. I have a similar bottle to this.I have a vintage 1978 Bardi Chianti that is 45″ tall glass bottle and is in the style of an old flintlock rifle.It is still full and capped and has all the labels on it.I have been searching the net and have not been able to find one like it or even mention of it.Anyone have any info please let me know.

  8. i was wondering… i have i bottle similar to this but its from 1969 .. how much do you think these things are worth? and where would you sell them?

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    “About” 3 feet tall? C’mon, John. I’m wanting inches if not mm… or maybe you or a daughter standing next to it.

  10. Ah,yeah there Mr. Rusty Shackleford there are 3″ foot tall bottles.As I said above the bottle I have is 45″ tall.Jason.

  11. Posiadam dwie butelki po winie chianti z 1978r mam etykietę jedna zielona jest w oryginalnym koszyku, druga biała już niestety bez rozleciał się ze starosci. Wysokosc 82 cm

    Editor’s note: Google translation from Polish “I have two bottles of wine I have a 1978 chianti with a green label is the original mix, the other white, unfortunately, no longer fell apart with old age. Height 82 cm”

  12. i’m looking for a vino rosso da tavola italian red wine bottle thats 45 inches tall , may or may not have a glass candle holder on top. if candle holder is there the whole thing is about 54 inches tall. the bottle is green. i am also looking for a vintage green chianti bottle with the motif of fish eating fish. it to is 45 inches tall and may or may not have a candle holder. if anyone has won and would like to sell it let me know please.

  13. I have a 45inch vino rosso 3 liter red table wine bottle i would sell. Email me your offer and i can email you pictures.

  14. I have a Vino Rosso Da Tavola Red table wine, 44 inches 3 liters. If interested send me your email address and I can send pictures.

  15. Frankie, I have that green bottle with the fish going up the neck. empty! but I have it, Let me know and i can send Picture of it

  16. Hey Frankie i have the Vino Rosso Da Tavola wine bottle you are looking for. It does have the candle holder on top with the candle. It has never ben opened. It stands 54 inches with the candle holder on top. I am interested in selling this item. If interested email me and i will send a pic.

  17. I have a Vino Rosso COnte Italian red wine bottle uncorked….it looks like a lantern you put a candle in it and it has a tall glass that goes over that…sorry i am not good at explaining these kinds of things…cant find a date or anything on it but the label that says 750 mil Vino Rosso Conte, Italian red, produced and bottled in Italy, Centro Esportazione Vini Italiani Nobili-Pontedera Italy…..and the letter A and number 2 on the bottom! I would like to try to figure out how old this is

  18. I have a Vino Rosso Italian red wine bottle that is 45 inches tall, unopened. would like to sell but not sure f value

  19. I have an unopened (not evaporated) 44 in tall green bottle label is damaged. I know it says
    TOSCANA vino da tavola 3L It has a very decorative long neck. It looks crested with curve scroll marks in the glass. I think it is a red wine. It has always been house kept, never weathered, and moved through the years with a friend of mine. I have now aquired it, The bottom basket has been lost and it shows the cork in it.. It has not been opened!!! Would love more info on it.. Or would sell if the right price made me decide not to move it around with me.. i can send pics if you will send me your info.

  20. I have the 45” green bottle with the fish from base to neck ,full of wine and factory seal in perfect condition,fit for movie.price it for me i might be willing to sell. thanks

  21. I have had the same bottle pictured above since 1994 and been dragging it around with me every time i moved. 1994 Opici Toscana. The bottle is 45 inches tall. Never been opened. Its the third one i had over the years. Drank one and used the bottle to throw my pennies. Took a couple years and $58.00 to fill it.

  22. I have a street light wine bottle for sale with the light candle holder on it it is a 3 liter bottle and as I can see still full to it was imported from Pontedera italy text me about price

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