20 why posts

Twenty “why” posts from this blog:

  1. Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity
  2. Why 90% solutions beat 100% solutions
  3. Why Unicode is subtle
  4. Why programmers write unneeded code
  5. Why care about spherical trig?
  6. Why Shakespeare is hard to read
  7. Why are bad guys so interesting in novels?
  8. Why proof by pattern of examples doesn’t work
  9. Why Ruby is a good language for DSLs
  10. Why SQL failed
  11. Why is TeX so popular in Germany?
  12. Why microarray study conclusions are so often wrong
  13. Why technical arguments get heated
  14. Why there will always be programmers
  15. Why so few electronic medical records
  16. Why heights are normally distributed
  17. Why heights are not normally distributed
  18. Why computer scientists count from zero
  19. Why functional programming hasn’t taken off
  20. Why Mr. Scott is Scottish

One thought on “20 why posts

  1. 18. Programmers count from zero because on most architectures comparing variable with zero is faster than comparing with any other number. A lot of bugs come out of ‘off by one’ errors – precisely because computer scientists don’t find counting from zero natural.

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