An unexpected Father's Day card

As an undergraduate I was part of an honors program called Dean’s Scholars. I have a T-shirt from a Dean’s Scholars reunion several years ago that my wife doesn’t appreciate as much as I do. She thinks I shouldn’t wear it just because it has started to deteriorate.

She surprised me today with a new Dean’s Scholars T-shirt as a Father’s Day present. She told me that when she asked to buy a T-shirt, the honors program insisted on giving it too her. They also included a handwritten card wishing me a happy Father’s Day.

I was especially impressed with the card. That wasn’t scripted; I don’t imagine they get that many calls like my wife’s. It was just someone being thoughtful. That made a bigger impression on me than all glossy publications I’ve gotten since I graduated.

4 thoughts on “An unexpected Father's Day card

  1. The honors program has never asked for money.

    They university has, and they’ve been awful. I asked them to put me on their no-call list because their telemarketers have been deceptive and disrespectful.

  2. Based on those last two comments, I recommend you send a nice thank you note to the Dean’s Scholars folks, with a cc: to the Development Office (a great Development Office would have been sending you a card every year).

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