Fifteen interviews

Seven Nine people I have interviewed:

  1. Rick Richter, CIO of Food for the Hungry
  2. Eric Floehr, owner of ForecastWatch
  3. Frederick Brooks, computer pioneer and author
  4. Robert Ghrist, applied topologist
  5. Cliff Pickover, mathematician and author
  6. Dan Bricklin, software developer and author
  7. Carl Franklin, musician and software developer
  8. Michael Hammer, GIMP developer and author (new)
  9. Sacha Chua, sketch artist, consultant, and Emacs fan

Two Four people who have interviewed me:

  1. Vincent Tan in his online magazine Singularity
  2. Samuel Hansen in his podcast Strongly Connected Components
  3. Erik Meijer and Channel 9 (new)
  4. Romy Misra on Data Science and Analytics (new)

Six interviews I have blogged about:

  1. Henry Petroski, engineer
  2. Arnold Kling, economist
  3. David Spiegelhalter, statistician
  4. Billy Hollis, software developer
  5. Eugenia Chang, mathematician
  6. Charles Bamforth, beer scholar

2 thoughts on “Fifteen interviews

  1. Read your interview with a topologist – interestingly practical sort of guy. I’ve known a couple of (exactly two) topologists, and they WAY did not think like I do. First one I met, circa 1980, was the chairman of the math department at Atlanta Junior College (as an undergrad at GSU, I tutored chemistry and math at AJC and elsewhere to supplement my meager income from scholarships and student assistance-ships). This chap introduced me to the notion that doughnuts, coffee cups, and humans are all topologically equivalent (I leave the deformations to the interested student – hint: consider holes and dimples)…very different world view than mine as an algebraist.

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