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This website started as static HTML files. Later I added a WordPress blog, but still wrote some things as static HTML pages for various reasons. Now I’ve moved most of those static pages to WordPress pages so that they’ll have the same style as the blog.

There’s not a good way to find these pages except through search. So I plan to categorize them and write a short post each Wednesday for the next few weeks listing some related pages. This post starts the series with math notes that didn’t fall into any other category.

See also posts tagged math.

Next week: Emacs resources

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous math notes

  1. On Bachmann-Landau notation, I’ve found the following connection between big-oh and little-oh to be useful:

    f(x) is O(g(x)) if there exists constants C and x0 such that for all x > x0, |f(x)| x0, |f(x)| <= C |g(x)|

    There is exactly one difference between the two. For big-oh, the constant C is chosen for you, by your hardware manufacturer, the laws of physics, or whatever. For little-oh, you choose the constant, and it can be as small as you like.

  2. Thanks for posting this; I had missed the original on Spherical Trig.
    Two comments:
    1) The label for angle \gamma is missing on the diagram
    2) I’m guessing that formulas that assume \gamma=90 degrees are especially useful because that’s the case when a and b are a latitude and a longitude?

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