Websites for critically ill patients

CaringBridge offers “free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery.” The site is sponsored by donors, not advertising.

When he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, a friend of mine set up a password-protected web page to let us know the latest updates on his treatment and diagnosis. I appreciated his doing this. He could easily set up his own site, but not everyone knows how to do that. CaringBridge lets people who are not as technically inclined set up their own site. Patients can upload photos, exchange messages with friends, etc. About 100,000 families have set up websites through CaringBridge so far.

One thought on “Websites for critically ill patients

  1. My friends set up a Care Pages page when their < 1 year old son was diagnosed with cancer — we still get periodic updates and information. It was a blessing to the mother since her husband the father was active duty in Iraq when he was diagnosed and she was overwhelmed. It was an easy way to keep everyone informed without dozens of daily phone calls and a great resource for us to help them out. For example, the mother was determined to get her husband back from Iraq and mobilized every contact she had to make it happen. Also, there was information about her husband’s unit, mailing address, etc. as well as suggestions when she wanted help with charity work.

    Their website is — I don’t have a way to compare them with CaringBridge but they worked well for her.

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