Random number generation in C++ TR1

The C++ Standard Library Technical Report 1 (TR1) includes a specification for random number generation classes.

The Boost library has supported TR1 for a while. Microsoft released a feature pack for Visual Studio 2008 in April that includes support for most of TR1. (They left out support for mathematical special functions.) Dinkumware sells a complete TR1 implementation. And gcc included support for TR1 in version 4.3 released in May. (According to the gcc status page the latest version supports most of TR1 except regular expressions. I’ve been able to get some TR1 features to work using gcc 4.3.1 but have not been able to get random number generation to work yet.)

I’ve posted a set of notes that explain how to use the C++ TR1 random number generation classes in Visual Studio 2008. The notes include sample code and point out a few gotchas. They also explain how to use the C++ TR1 classes to generate from distributions not directly supported by the TR1.

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