Protestant PCs, Catholic Macs

Here’s a post that’s sure to be controversial. Not only am I bringing up religion, I’m comparing Macs and PCs.

I heard someone refer to an article saying Macs are Catholic and PCs are Protestant. I haven’t seen the article in question, so I can only imagine what the analogy it had in mind. I doubt that Catholics are more likely to buy Macs than Protestants are, though I suppose that’s possible. I imagine the analogy has to do with centralized authority. There is one vendor for Mac hardware and untold numbers of vendors for PC hardware.  Also, Steve Jobs makes a more plausible Pope-figure than Bill Gates.

The analogy may also have to do with taste. Although I am a Protestant, I’m willing to concede that Catholic churches seem to have better taste in architecture and music. And although I am a PC user, I’ll admit that Apple generally has better taste than Microsoft.

Update: See link to an article by Umberto Eco that Sandra kindly provided in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Protestant PCs, Catholic Macs

  1. And people who use Linux are… Atheist? Don’t believe in either PC/DOS or Mac? Agnostic? Acknowledge the existence of PC / Mac but choose to go their own way? Mind you Linus Torvalds was Scandinavian, so there must be a death metal / satanist element there, surely… ;-)

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