Fungus photos

The other day I found these growing at the base of a dead tree in my back yard.

For some reason I don’t understand, people are inclined to see fungi as ugly and something to be removed as soon as possible. That was my first thought, but I decided they were beautiful and that I would enjoy them.

Here’s a close-up.

They were interesting to watch over time. They appeared suddenly after a rain. The flourished for a few days. Then they started to be covered with a white powder. Then they started to shrivel and turn black. A few days later they were gone.

3 thoughts on “Fungus photos

  1. I have a patch of ‘shrooms that always appear in the same spot in my yard for 2 days after a rain. The first day they are beige, the second day they are black, and the third day they are gone.

    Don’t accept edibility advice on mushrooms from anyone except an expert. Some benign and poisonous varieties can look so similar as to require an expert to tell the difference.

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