Apple Mac turns 25 today

The Mac came out 25 years ago today. Here’s the article. Hat tip @divbyzero.

I sold Macs for a little while. I worked at the UT computer store one summer. At the time, that store was the biggest distributor of Macs in the country.

I’ve never owned a Mac. I think it would be great fun, but it’s hard for me to justify the expense. If someone wanted to give me a Mac, I’d start blogging about Mac stuff. :-)

One thought on “Apple Mac turns 25 today

  1. I agree the price differential is hard to justify. But I’ve decided my next computer is definitely going to be an Apple. I really, really want one of the big screen versions. I figure next year will be the year to switch.

    Twenty seven years ago, I made the mistake of purchasing a Timex Sinclair ZX81 which ruined a perfectly good career in Chemistry. I wonder what will happen when I get my Apple?

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