Top six posts from a year ago on the Endeavour

Here are six of the best posts from February 2008. Four are on the list because they were popular, and two just because I liked them.

  • How to avoid being outsourced or open sourced summarizes advice from three authors regarding what skills are highly valued and difficult to outsource.
  • Free bitmap to vector software was an announcement for VectorMagic, software for turning bitmap images into vector images so they can be re-sized without becoming jagged. This software does a great job at solving a common problem, but a year later I still don’t think too many people know about it.
  • Everything begins with p was a surprisingly popular little rant about statistical notation.
  • Honeybee genealogy shows how Fibonacci numbers come up when examining a honeybee’s ancestry.
  • Enterprising software summarizes some comments from Cyndi Mitchell complaining that “enterprise” software is nothing like connotation of “enterprise” elsewhere.
  • Rethinking interruptions argues that instead of only trying to reduce interruptions, we should accept that interruptions are inevitable and look at strategies for recovering quickly from interruptions.

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