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Shay Levy created an amazing browser toolbar for PowerShell. The toolbar works with IE and Firefox. It updates itself using data that Shay maintains. It lets you do Google searches tailored to PowerShell sites, lists popular PowerShell blogs, and has a menu for a wide variety of PowerShell resources. Shay released his toolbar back in June 2008, so this is old news to people more in the know than I am, but I just found out about it yesterday.

I’m not a big fan of toolbars. I installed the toolbar but will keep it hidden most of the time. But I’m glad I installed it just to see Shay’s list of resources.

Shay created his toolbar using Conduit, something else I’d not heard of. Looks like Conduit makes it easy to create other similar toolbars. (Easy in the sense of programming effort; I’m sure a lot of work goes into keeping the resource lists up to date once you’ve created the toolbar.)

One thought on “PowerShell browser toolbar

  1. Just found out myself now – Great toolbar! Had I found this the first day i was googling PS i would be up and running, reading and learning while listening to my favorite radio station in under 5 min…way cool :-)

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