Captured by Somali pirates without knowing it

I was captured by Somali pirates a couple weeks ago, or so some friends thought.

Captain Richard Phillips

When I went to the library this evening, one of the librarians stopped me as soon as I walked in. She said “John! Wait, I’ve got to show you something.” She brought me a newspaper clipping with a photo of Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama who was rescued by U. S. Navy SEAL snipers earlier this week.

She told me that she and her grandmother were watching the news the other day and thought that she saw my face on the TV. She hadn’t seen me at the library in a while and was certain that I had been captured by pirates.

After I told my wife about the story, she said other people had commented on how much I resemble Captain Phillips.

Now the librarian calls me “Captain.”

5 thoughts on “Captured by Somali pirates without knowing it

  1. I also thought you looked like the Captain, but his beard is a little more gray. I bet he doesn’t have a blog that is as good as yours! Maybe you should invite him make be a guest ‘appearance’ here.

  2. Did they make you walk the Planck? ;-)
    (Sorry, a physics pun was the best I could do.)

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