Low-tech ice cream

Here’s a simple way to make ice cream.

  1. Fill a quart-sized bag with whole milk, sugar, and vanilla then seal it.
  2. Put the quart-sized bad inside a gallon-sized bag, along with ice and salt.
  3. Seal the outer bag and shake it for five minutes.

5 thoughts on “Low-tech ice cream

  1. I love low tech ice cream, although I cheat and use a Cuisinart ice cream maker. Ice cream is very good with Silk soymilk instead of milk, for the lactose intolerant. My favorite varieties are to add (1) peanut butter and (2) candy canes. I should have made some tonight.

  2. Do you know if it can be made with nonfat milk? We don’t usually keep any other kind of milk in the house.

    (We do have an ice-cream maker, but it mostly gets used for low-tech frozen yogurt!)

  3. I don’t know about nonfat milk. I imagine you need the fat as a binder, but you could experiment. We usually drink skim milk too, so we bought some whole milk just for the ice cream.

  4. I found Land O’ Lakes fat free half and half (yes, it’s an oxymoron) at Walmart. Mixed with 2% it makes very good ice cream, although I haven’t tried the low tech approach.

  5. Thanks Gene! That’s a strange concept indeed of fat-free half and half. Half what and half what???? (But that won’t stop me from trying it!)

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