New daily tip feeds: RegexTip and ProbFact

A few weeks ago I started a Twitter account @SansMouse with daily tips on Windows keyboard shortcuts. That’s gone well, so I decided start two more daily tip accounts: @RegexTip and @ProbFact. If you don’t use Twitter, you can follow these tip via your blog reader. Here are the RSS feeds for RegexTip and ProbFact.

RegexTip will give one tip per day on using regular expressions. I’ll sometimes post more than once a day, but I’ll only give one tip. Other posts might be housekeeping notes etc. The idea is that people who have intended to learn regular expressions but don’t have the time can make time to absorb one tip per day.

ProbFact will give one fact per day from probability. I’ll often have a link with each fact for more details. Many of these facts will be theorems, but some will be statements about applications or history.

The SansMouse and RegexTip posts are loosely arranged in order of familiarity, starting with the most basic and most widely used material. ProbFact posts will be more random. Some will be elementary, some more advanced.

I have scheduled tips to come out at regular times starting tomorrow. SansMouse will post at 9 AM, RegexTip at 10 AM, and ProbFact at 11 AM. These times are Central Standard Time (UTC-6).

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4 thoughts on “New daily tip feeds: RegexTip and ProbFact

  1. ? means a character or expression is optional, i.e. zero or one repeats. Example: /ab?c/ matches “ac” and “abc” but not “abc”.

    I think you meant: … but not “abbc”.

  2. Glad you found my blog – and I’d enjoy following your regular twitter feed. You might include your twitter ID in your “About” page. (I won’t follow @SansMouse since I’m a Mac guy.)

    Have a great day in your part of the USA.

  3. probfact: Oh no! not another RSS feed I simply cannot do without. You are are NOT helping my efforts to trim my feed list.

    But thank you. :-)

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