A sort of command line for your browser

Quix is a sort of command line for web browsers. It’s a bookmarklet, a piece of JavaScript you save like a bookmark. When you launch Quix, it opens a small dialog that lets you enter brief commands for common browser tasks. For example the gs command does a Google search within the domain of the current page.

You can install Quix by dragging it to your bookmark menu. However, if you want to use Quix to make it easier to use your browser without a mouse, you don’t want to have to click the Quix bookmark to get started. You can integrate Quix with your browser to be able to launch Quix from the keyboard.

For example, if you’re using Firefox on Windows, you can drag the Quix bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Next right-click on the bookmarklet, select “Properties”, and set “q” as the keyword. Then you can launch Quix by typing Ctrl-L q.

You can find directions here for integrating Quix with Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

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