Being a dreamer is hard work

From Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse:

I confess that I am a dreamer. Someone once called me just a dreamer. That offended me, the just part; being a real dreamer is hard work. It really gets hard when you start believing your dreams.

4 thoughts on “Being a dreamer is hard work

  1. There’s either the hard work of following your dreams, or the harder work of living a slow death without them.

  2. Melissa Metzger Ashley

    Yep. That is the slimy underbelly of dreams; work. If we depend on anything but dedication and discipline in order to be a dreamer we’ll end up a bitter a-hole like Matt said. Enjoy the blog immensely.

  3. Being a Dreamer, and working at it, can make you bitter anyway… but that is no time to stop believing. It might mean you are getting close to seeing them come true.

  4. True! Dreaming takes up a lot of work, especially if you are thinking of something that has some utility…and unless you have the resources to make it a reality, it remains as a fragment in your head which can haunt you occasionally…

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