Correction re MinGW

Last night I posted an article about a problem caused by the MinGW installer. A little later I retracted the article because I believe I was wrong. Those who visit my blog directly will not see the post, but those who subscribe via RSS still do. I apologize to subscribers and to MinGW for the error.

Apparently deleting a post in WordPress does not delete the corresponding Feedburner post. I am surprised since updating a post in WordPress will update the Feedburner post a few minutes later. I suppose I should have updated the post with a retraction notice rather than deleting it.

4 thoughts on “Correction re MinGW

  1. It’s kind of funny that this post went from being a bug report for MinGW to being a bug report for WordPress!

  2. Good. :)

    It’s really a Feedburner issue rather than an RSS issue per se. You’re not subscribed via Feedburner, so you’re OK.

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