Bastrop wildfire

Smoke from the wildfires in Bastrop, Texas.

Photo by Kerri West. Full-sized image here. More Bastrop photos by Kerri West here.

At least two people have died in the fires and many have lost their homes.

I’ve taken my daughters a couple times to a father-daughter retreat at Wilderness Ridge Camp near Bastrop. That camp has been completely destroyed by the fires.

7 thoughts on “Bastrop wildfire

  1. I’ve smelled the smoke from the Magnolia fire at my home in NW Houston.

    Such terrible devastation! I sure hope we get a good soaking with rain soon!

    Over the weekend I saw fire crews putting out two small wildfires on different days a couple miles from my home. Luckily they were both successful. There is a lot of undeveloped land nearby, and it is all dry as a bone.

  2. Dr. Bubba: I don’t know who took the picture, but I recognize the area. I think it’s on highway 290 a few miles east of Austin. I forget the name of the town.

  3. It’s taken heading east on highway 71 – right before the 304 exit. It’s looking into Bastrop from the highway.

  4. Hi guys,

    I am the photographer of this image and the rightful owner. Unfortunately my watermark was cropped out by a dishonest person and it has spread (much like wildfire…) on the internet without photo credit. Or, what’s worse, it is often credited to the wrong person, a “Rey Ramirez” from Elgin. Please replace this photo with a watermarked one if you don’t mind, and give a photo credit as well. You can email me for a watermarked image, and the rest of the images from this day are here:

    Oh, to clarify the location, Rhonda is correct. It’s the eastbound side of HWY 71, just outside of Bastrop, TX.

  5. Rhonda’s exactly spot on! Bastrop sits in an old river valley, the Colorado River to be exact. The location that Rhonda details for you is just as you crest the last small hill on 71 and descend into the valley. Help me out with this – – – I’m risking a rough gurss haat the photo represents 20 to 40 miles from frame side to frame side. ——— This incredible photo documents a horrific loss for the citizens of Bastrop. Last I heard, 2 people desd, 400 to 700 homes or other buildings razed to the groound. I fear and pray for the animals, domestic and wild.

    Here is someones video launched on youtube. It is closer to the locaation of the smoke wall in the still photo. Nervous camera handeling, anxious dialogue amongst the car occupants (what WERE they trying to do!@!), and the surrounding CLOSE AND FAST CHANGING life threatening environment – – – – – almost like I too was in the car yards away from 100 plua foot walls of wildfire.

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