3 thoughts on “Cancer center ash tray

  1. Interesting. I’ll have to send this to my friend Alan Blum in Tuscaloosa- He has a huge collection of tobacco memorabilia. My husband follows your blog. Wondered if you may know a friend of ours, Jeff Morris in the stats dept at MD Anderson. I went to undergrad at Samford Univ. with his wife.

  2. John- Dr. Blum wondered if he could get a better photo or buy one of these for his collection- any ideas? Check him out on http://cchs.ua.edu/people/alan-blum-md/
    He was at Baylor for a while. Interesting man. Appreciate any help you could give him. He gives really interesting talks and has a whole museum. Thanks!

  3. (circa 2050)
    dramatis personae
    YU, young ‘un
    AK, alta kocker
    YU: granpa, is it true that you would offer people donuts – they were just handed out ?
    AK: yeah, sure, people would even bring them to work – often the company would have free pizza on friday
    YU (shocked) *free pizza* ??didn’t they know anything about heart disease and diabetes ?
    AK: they knew, but they didn’t listen – it was considered socially acceptable to bring fat/sugar laden desserts in to “celebrate” birthdays
    YU: gosh gramps, you guys must ave been awfully stupid, “celebrating” a bday with heart disease and obesity and diabetes….

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