Singular Value Consulting, LLC

The name of my business is Singular Value Consulting, LLC.

Math people may catch the allusion to singular value decomposition (SVD). I hope that non-math folks will interpret “singular value” to mean something like “singularly valuable.”

One way to think of an SVD is a pair of coordinate systems that give a linear transformation the simplest representation. So metaphorically, SVD is getting to the core of a problem and producing a simple solution.

For some less serious mathematical company names, see this list.

See this page for some ideas of the kinds of thingsĀ Singular Value Consulting could do for your company.

4 thoughts on “Singular Value Consulting, LLC

  1. The dog whistle company name. A generic (and positive) message for the masses. A secret (and positive in a more specific and interesting way) message for a targeted subgroup.

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