Data science expiration date

About three years ago JD Long said

I like the term “Data Scientist” for now. I expect that term will be meaningless in 5 years.

Sounds about right.

3 thoughts on “Data science expiration date

  1. I’m not trying to evoke an argument, though am just curious what evidence/data/etc leads you to believe this assertion? To me it seems like the contrary — meaning, in the not so distant future several folks with “analyst” in the job title will be re-titled/re-branded as data scientists (which is what seems to be happening I think).

  2. What do you think will replace it?
    Just a bifurcation or multi-furcation into multiple areas – such as risk modeller, revenue analyst, retail manager? Or a new term that I don’t know about yet?

  3. “Narrative Marketer.”

    I think some of Venkatesh Rao’s work will be blown out of proportion—particularly his idea of “illegibility”—and Jurassic Park will have a resurgence of popularity. More qualitative thought over quantitative. This will be both an outgrowth of and a backlash against current data science.

    I’m not sure if I’m joking, honestly.

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