Updating blog posts

I’ve been going through my old blog posts and fixing a few problems. I found a few missing images, code samples that had lost their indentation, etc. Most of the errors have been my fault, but some were due to bugs in plug-ins.

If you see any problems with a post, please let me know. You could send me an email, or leave a comment on the post. (For a while I had comments automatically turn off on older posts, but I’ve disabled that. Now you can comment on any post.)

For the first couple years, this blog didn’t have many readers, and so not many people pointed out my errors. Now that there are more readers, I find out about errors more quickly. But I’ve found some egregious errors in some of the older posts.

Thanks for your contribution to this blog. I’ve been writing here for almost seven years, and I’ve benefited greatly from your input.

2 thoughts on “Updating blog posts

  1. And we have benefited greatly from your posts! Thanks for doing what you do, and looking forward to the next seven years!

  2. I just had to say this: I have benefited tremendously from your posts — they have helped me to mature as an applied mathematician. Anyone can pick up algorithms and math on the Internet, but learning about the philosophical bases for mathematical techniques and developing good taste in tools/abstractions is much harder. Your blog — being a distillation of your wisdom and experiences as a “very” applied mathematician — is truly sui generis in that regard. Thank you.

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