New Twitter logos

I’ve updated the icons of all my daily tip Twitter accounts. My goal was to simplify some the icons and make them all more consistent.

collage of Twitter account logos

Here’s a page giving links and short descriptions for each account.

3 thoughts on “New Twitter logos

  1. You appear to be lacking any accounts for number theory, research replication, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, and cat videos… what gives!?

  2. Since we’re being meta at the moment, talking about what you talk about, I’d like to mention something odd (or perhaps rare, in the statistical sense):

    I’ve been following your posts for several years, and have delighted over finding occasional nuggets that proved useful for either job or hobby work, or just for the sheer fun of knowing. But over the past 4 months, an anomalously large number of your posts have been almost prescient, providing just the nudge I needed exactly when I needed it.

    Keep up the good work! And please stop looking over my shoulder.

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