Painless project management

This evening, after I got off a phone call discussing a project with a colleague, I thought “Huh, I guess you could call that project management.”

I worked as a project manager earlier in my career, but what I’m doing now feels completely different and much more pleasant. Strip away the bureaucracy and politics, and project management just feels like getting work done.

I have several people working for me now, but project management doesn’t take much time. I still spend most of my time working on my own projects.

One thought on “Painless project management

  1. Project management is classic overhead. It scales up with something like the square of the number of people working on a project. (It also scales with how much formality, granularity and predictability management wants.). With a few people on a project, usually very little management is needed. If you have tens of people, managing the project is at least one full-time job. With hundreds of people, the overhead makes everyone less efficient.

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