Exponential Christmas wreath

Today’s exponential sum looks sorta like a Christmas wreath with candles.

Exponential sum 2019-12-20

Let me back up and say what “today’s exponential sum” means. I have a page that plots a graph each day, where the function being graphed takes parameters from the date. It plots the partial sums of

\sum_{n=0}^N \exp\left( 2\pi i \left( \frac{n}{m} + \frac{n^2}{d} + \frac{n^3}{y} \right ) \right )

where m is the month, d is the day, and y is the last two digits of the year.

Sometimes by coincidence the plots happen to look like something associated with the date, such as wreaths around Christmas. The plot for Christmas Eve this year looks like a branch of holly, and there’s a nice wreath on New Year’s Eve.

As I blogged about before, the images on Easter sometimes look like crosses. The image for Easter 2018 looked like an Iron Cross, and the image for Easter 2019 was a much more ornate cross. But the image for Easter 2020 looks nothing like a cross.

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  1. Delete the last ‘e’ in the title, and you describe me back when I used to do my Holiday shopping at malls…

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